Viassary Privacy Principles

NeoPlanet's clients are companies that wish to establish an interactive relationship with their customers by way of desktop and wireless touch points; NeoPlanet applications rely on sophisticated Internet technology that allows for the exchange of information between our clients and their customers.

NeoPlanet develops versatile applications that comply with the privacy practices of our clients; these applications may rely on NeoPlanet's own infrastructure to store, organize and/or analyze information collected from our client's customers. NeoPlanet will only act as a service provider and will not view or use any of this information for its own purposes (unless stated otherwise in a clear privacy statement for a particular application).

NeoPlanet, Inc. adheres to the following principles and encourages their adoption by our clients to guarantee that their applications are in compliance with the best privacy practices in the industry:

1.   Communication and storage of information will rely on encryption and secure protocols to guarantee the protection of sensitive customer information.

2.   Applications developed will fully comply with current United States legislation regarding the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

3.   A clear privacy statement to accompany each client's application(s), complying with the following requisites:

  • Full disclosure of information collected from customers.
  • Prominent display within the application of a link to the privacy statement.
  • Description of security/protection measures used for the communication and storage of customer information.
  • Disclosure of the relationship between our client with other organizations/companies (3rd parties) as it relates to the specific application and the ownership of customer information.
  • Description of how customer information will be used by NeoPlanet, our client or any of the 3rd parties involved.
  • Description of mechanisms to opt-out and/or uninstall our client's application
  • Establishment of a mechanism for customers to send questions/comments regarding privacy.
  • Establishment of an opt-in mechanism to share information with 3rd parties unless there is explicit consent from customers.
  • Description of how modifications to the privacy statement will be communicated to customers .
  • Clear explanation on how customers can view, modify and delete data collected from them.

4. Full Adherence to international laws. NeoPlanet will work with our clients so that they may seek to observe country specific and regional laws when using NeoPlanet applications intended for use outside of the United States.