Viassary FAQs

1. How do Viassary solutions benefit my customers?
Viassary delivers relevant, timely and targeted communication and applications directly to your customers' desktop and digital devices (cell phone, PDA, or pagers).

2. What opportunities does Viassary provide to increase my ROI?
Viassary enables your company to deepen your customer relationships, generate incremental revenues and reduce costs.

Generate incremental revenue:

  • Offer products and services to your customers at the most opportune time
  • Up-sell and cross-promote your products and services
  • Leverage your partnership opportunities

Reduce costs:

  • Ability to deliver proactive customer support resulting in lower customer service costs
  • Highly targeted delivery medium resulting in higher response rates with less financial resources

Deepen customer relationships:

  • Ability to increase share-of-customer
  • Create viral opportunities
  • Improve customer satisfaction

3. Does Viassary protect my customers' privacy?
Viassary offers flexible privacy management that fully complies with your existing Privacy Policy, dependent upon your business needs. To learn more, please read the Viassary Privacy Principles.

4. Viassary is best suited for what type of companies?
Viassary is best suited for companies that want to deepen relationships with their customers and deliver communication/applications that are extremely targeted, timely and relevant to promote an interactive relationship.

Viassary is appropriate for companies with the following characteristics:

  • Offer commoditized products or services
  • Highly competitive markets
  • Experiencing declining margins
  • Strong brand equity
  • Focused on customer retention
  • Driven to enhance customer interaction
  • Large amounts of customer data

Any company looking to create and cultivate strong customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction should consider using Viassary.

5. Does Viassary integrate with my existing database or CRM solution?
Yes. Viassary integrates data seamlessly into most CRM solution(s) or marketing databases. If you do not have a CRM solution in place, Viassary has the ability to store, process and use Viassary Interpreter analytics to take full advantage of the information generated by millions of users.

6. What role does Viassary have in my company's interactive strategy?
Viassary reaches beyond the web to play an integral role in your company's interactive strategy. It creates a value-based connection between you and your customer. This makes marketing more personal and relevant and makes optimal use of interactions with key customers and the information gathered from them.

a. How can I use Viassary to reach my customers when they are not connected to the Internet?
To reach your customers regardless of their Internet connectivity, your Viassary solution should run locally on your customer's PC or digital devices. This means that actions can be performed automatically when specific rules you develop are triggered for Intelligent Delivery to your customers. These rules will be downloaded when your customer is connected to the Internet. This download can occur at any time, months or days ahead of time, so the rules will activate at the appropriate time.

b. How is Viassary different from my website?
Your website requires that your customers make an effort to visit it and then search for needed information. Viassary proactively delivers relevant communications and applications to your customers at the most opportune time, whether they are online or offline. This requires absolutely no action on the part of your customers. In addition, your customers will not receive irrelevant or excessive information, as you establish the rules to ensure the right information gets to the right customer at the right time to drive interaction and profitability.

c. How does Viassary differ from e-mail or Instant Messaging?
These vehicles primarily target customers based on registration or customer provided information. In addition to customer provided information, Viassary also acts upon customer behaviors and digital environment conditions through our Intelligent Delivery solutions.

7. What is the Viassary Intelligent Delivery and how does it work?
Intelligent Delivery uses rules-based engines to intelligently display or deliver relevant communications and applications to your customers to drive interaction.

Intelligent Delivery ensures you are providing the right communication or application to the right customer at the right time. Viassary can do this without compromising your customers' privacy and without being obtrusive. Through the creation and delivery of rules, your unique Viassary configuration can perform relevant, timely and targeted actions.

How the intelligent delivery process works:

  • Rules are developed according to your marketing strategy and are delivered to your customers. Rules are comprised of conditions and subsequent actions.
  • Conditions can gather data from sources stored on your customer's computers, network computers and other digital devices. Conditions include customer interactions and changes with the computer/digital environment. Conditions trigger actions.
  • Actions are the delivery of customized communication or applications that address specific conditions. Actions can take a variety of formats, including delivery of messages directly to the desktop, navigation to a web page, forwarding a message to a pager, cell phone, PDA, etc. Actions elicit customer responses.
  • Responses from your customer can include transactions, product information review, download of software, and more.

8. What does it take to implement a Viassary solution?
Viassary is designed as a hosted service so there are no upfront hardware requirements. The underlying components are based on industry standard languages that allow for rapid implementation within 60-90 days. The resulting solution requires minimal internal resources from your IT, Marketing or other related departments. In order to get started, all your company needs is a strong commitment to deepen relationships with your customers...

9. What types of professional services does NeoPlanet offer?
Our professional service teams are available to facilitate the successful implementation and management of your Viassary solution. We offer a full spectrum of services, including: digital marketing services and campaign development; rule development assistance; graphic design; business analysis; report/metric development; data management.

10. What is your pricing model for Viassary?
Viassary is based on a licensing and services model and is dependent upon the scope and requirements of your company.