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Viassary Intelligent Delivery Solutions

Right Interaction - Right Time - Right Target

Viassary uses intelligent delivery technologies to transform and leverage traditional marketing elements within a digital environment. From the desktop to wireless devices, Viassary is part of an integrated approach to reaching your customers in order to achieve measurable benefits.

Viassary solutions use predefined business rules to intelligently deliver relevant communications and applications to the right customers at the right time.

Minimal resources Uses minimal resources while anticipating the occurrence of specific conditions that trigger the Intelligent Delivery process.
Local or Remote Conditions may be local or remote, ranging from the addition of peripherals to the occurrence of events in remote servers.
Active online or offline Remains in an active state to deliver messages or actions in online or offline environments.
Compelling and valuable The active state is invisible and unobtrusive to the user until it displays a compelling communication or activates a valuable application or action.
Unique Messaging Provides unique messaging capabilities based on your company's marketing strategy.

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