TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 4, 2001 - Software solutions provider NeoPlanet, Inc. (, known for enabling companies to enhance their customers' desktop experience through custom personalization, announces today multi-platform capability for its Viassary suite, extending the intelligent delivery of communications on the desktop to personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mobile telephones. This multi-platform capability marks a milestone in the company's core strategy and positions NeoPlanet as a Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 launch partner.

Unveiled in August, NeoPlanet's Viassary suite of customer-empowering products and services enables companies to communicate effectively with their customers through multiple digital touch points. From the desktop to wireless devices, Viassary solutions create an integrated approach to reaching customers with greater relevance, targeting the right customer at the right time with the right interaction.

The Viassary suite's multi-platform capability will be promoted by Microsoft Corp. to millions of users of Pocket PC 2002, launched today, as a premier product that utilizes the benefits of the Windows Powered Pocket PC.

"Pocket PC 2002 has a great advantage in the marketplace because it is designed to be the most connected and expandable PDA available," said Chris Hill, product manager for the Mobility Division at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased that NeoPlanet is taking advantage of the new feature functionalities of Pocket PC 2002 with its Viassary suite. The benefit for companies is flexible and responsive communications with their customers, as well as increased effectiveness and measurability of their marketing strategies."

"Viassary's ability to offer consistent communications across the desktop and Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 presents tremendous opportunities for companies to convey an explicit value exchange with their customers," said Warren Adelman, president and CEO of NeoPlanet. "Given its range of new features and wireless connectivity options, Pocket PC 2002 provides a powerful customer touch point for our Viassary clients."

Components of the Viassary suite include: a smart rules engine that activates the intelligent delivery of communications and applications; a graphics engine that allows for custom-designed interfaces, branding and functionality; and push/pull adaptive technology that discretely downloads applications, content, functionality and product updates in the background without interrupting customers' computer experience.


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NeoPlanet, Inc. is a privately held software solutions provider based in Tempe, Ariz. Founded in 1999, NeoPlanet connects companies with their customers, via the desktop and other digital devices, through intelligent customer-interaction software and solutions. NeoPlanet's Viassary suite of customer-empowering products and services leverages the fundamentals of Marketing Relationship Management (MRM), enabling companies, including Compaq Computer Corporation, to reach their customers with the intelligent delivery of relevant, timely and targeted communications and applications to profitably drive business. For more information on NeoPlanet and the Viassary suite, visit

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