NeoPlanet reaches milestone - 10 million skins downloaded to date

TEMPE, Ariz. - August 21, 2000 - First there were screensavers and "wallpaper," and then came chameleon-like Internet software featuring so-called "skins." Today, NeoPlanet Inc. (www.neoplanet.com) and RealNetworks®, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK; http://www.real.com) have teamed to launch a new campaign promoting the latest in PC fashion: Matching Skins for RealJukebox™ and NeoPlanet enhanced Web browser.

Skins are graphics and audio files that users download from the Internet to customize the look-and-feel and sounds of their PC applications. Targeting millions of Internet skins fans, the new promotion allows users to match the look-and-feel of NeoPlanet's enhanced browser with that of RealNetworks' RealJukebox.

"As PC Internet usage goes mainstream the demand for new ways to personalize the online experience grows," said Shelley Morrison, vice president of media and distribution sales, RealNetworks, Inc. "Combining skins is a great way to add personal flavor to the desktop, and we're happy to join forces with NeoPlanet to bring the skins experience to another level."

NeoPlanet users have downloaded over 10 million skins from the NeoPlanet skin gallery, marking this as a significant milestone in NeoPlanet history. NeoPlanet reports an average of 19 skins imported per minute within the last year, which reflects an increasing trend towards personalization among Internet users. By allowing users to express their own sense of "Internet fashion," NeoPlanet's skins have become more than just the latest craze. When combined with those downloaded from the RealNetworks site prior to their joint promotion, the two companies report 17 million total skins downloaded.

Users can currently choose among several Matching Skins, including: Classic NeoPlanet; Titanium; Holographic; Nightshade; NeoChick; Steel Rain and Boiler Room; or they can mix and match skins with the RealJukebox and NeoPlanet Web browser.

"Skins are more than a fad, they're an expression of individuality," said Drew Cohen, president and CEO, NeoPlanet, Inc. "NeoPlanet and RealNetworks are like-minded in our support for personalization. We see this as a great way to unite the millions of NeoPlanet users with the millions of RealJukebox users who are skin fans. We look forward to working with RealNetworks."

Once a user has downloaded and installed the free NeoPlanet browser, they can get matching browser skins from the RealJukebox section of the NeoPlanet Skin Gallery at http://www.neoplanet.com/cgi-bin/skinViewer.pl or by clicking on "NeoPlanet/Combo" under the Get Skins section at http://www.real.com/rjcentral/../index.html.

New matching skins are continuously being added.

Editor's Note: For Matching Skins artwork, please download images from: http://creative.neoplanet.com/external/press2/

The NeoPlanet application is approximately 2MB and requires Windows 98 or Win 95/NT with IE 4.0 or higher installed.

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NeoPlanet combines content, communications and community to bring the best of the Internet to the consumer's desktop. The company allows users to reflect their own "Internet Fashion" by customizing NeoPlanet's Internet Desktop through personalized "skins." NeoPlanet features a built in directory of user customizable Content Channels featuring Lycos' leading Internet content allowing users to personalize their surfing experience. Distribution channels include Web sites and direct marketers, ISPs and OEMs. NeoPlanet is free and easy to download at http://www.NeoPlanet.com. NeoPlanet, Inc. patent pending.

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