Lycos Enables Every Web Surfer to Take Control of the Web Experience with the Ultimate "Sticky Portal". NeoPlanet's 1.3 Million Users Directed to the Lycos Network

WALTHAM, Mass. and PHOENIX, Arizona, May 17, 1999 - Lycos, Inc. (NASDAQ:LCOS), the most visited hub on the Internet and the world's largest online community, and NeoPlanet, Inc., provider of the industry-leading NeoPlanet desktop portal, today announced the introduction of a complete browser/portal environment for consumers created through the integration of technology, content and services from the two companies.

Under the agreement, NeoPlanet will direct its 1.3 million users to the Lycos Network. Soon Lycos will launch several Lycos-branded versions of NeoPlanet, and distribute them across the Lycos Network to its nearly 32 million users.

The strategic alliance enables Lycos to position its portal services on the consumer's desktop via NeoPlanet's customizable browser interface and creates a truly sticky portal. By integrating Lycos' Web services with NeoPlanet's Web-browsing features, consumers can create the most highly personalized browsing experience on the Internet. NeoPlanet interfaces are available in dozens of different user styles which can be changed as often as a user wishes, to reflect their mood, a holiday theme, the season or even to reflect or change their environment.

"NeoPlanet has created one of the best browsing experiences on the Web, period! This tool harnesses the powerful technologies of Netscape and Microsoft's browsers, and allows the user to create an interface that reflects their personalities and interests," said Jeff Crown, Lycos vice president of corporate development. "This agreement is instrumental in Lycos' strategy to deliver a complete end-to-end Internet service, from user-controlled navigation, to highly targeted personalized content for our nearly 32 million users, and available to the entire 80+ million users on the Web."

The Lycos Network will create versions of the NeoPlanet desktop browser for Lycos, Wired Digital and Tripod for mass distribution among the individual properties, extending the reach of the personalized browser/portal. Additionally, working with NeoPlanet will provide a mechanism to aggregate content across the Lycos Network making it easier for users to experience the full breadth of Lycos Network services. The NeoPlanet interface and the linked Lycos pages create the most unique browser/portal distribution branding opportunity on the Internet today.

"This agreement gives consumers unprecedented control of their Internet environment, extending Lycos' industry-leading personalization services to the desktop, in a way that is faster, easier to use and fun," said Drew Cohen, CEO of NeoPlanet. "Aligning with Lycos allows NeoPlanet to leverage the reach of the Lycos Network and integrate Lycos' leading web based services, with NeoPlanet's desktop navigation tools and personalized browser."

Browser/Portal integration features include:

  • Personalized Start Page -- The NeoPlanet start page allows users to create a completely customized start page with "My Lycos" personalization tools.
  • Channel Content -- Lycos Network content is aggregated and highlighted in NeoPlanet's unique channel bar, bringing the Lycos services directly to the desktop. Users now have direct access to Lycos' leading content in categories including news, finance, sports and entertainment.
  • Search -- A search button on the NeoPlanet interface gives users instant access to a variety of search topics, such as MP3, computers and e-commerce, powered by Lycos.

Lycos becomes the exclusive distributor of NeoPlanet browsers for both ISPs and Computer OEMs. Lycos will have exclusive product marketing rights to PC, ISP, and OEM clients. NeoPlanet and Lycos will co-market to all distributors to re-brand NeoPlanet's Interface, including Web browser and e-mail clients for localized and affinity marketplaces.

About Lycos, Inc.
Founded in 1995, Lycos, Inc. (NASDAQ:LCOS) is a leading Web media company and owner of the Lycos Network, the most visited hub on the Internet reaching 51.8 percent of Web users. The Lycos Network is a unified set of Web sites that attracts a diverse audience by offering a variety of services, including leading Web navigation resources, homepage building and other Web community services and a comprehensive shopping center. The Lycos Network is composed of premium sites:, Tripod, WhoWhere, Angelfire, MailCity, HotBot, HotWired, Wired news, Webmonkey, and, (, "Your Personal Internet Guide," is dedicated to helping each individual user locate, retrieve and manage information tailored to his or her personal interests. Headquartered near Boston in Waltham, Mass., Lycos, Inc. is a global Internet leader with a major presence throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

About NeoPlanet
NeoPlanet combines browser and portal features, bringing the best of the Internet to the consumer's desktop. The company brings new personality to the desktop by allowing users to customize the look and feel of their browser through personalized "skins." Consumers also have control of Lycos' Web directory, allowing them to personalize their surfing experience. Distribution channels include ISPs, OEMs, Web sites and direct marketers. NeoPlanet is free and easy to download at


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