McAfee Web View powered by NeoPlanet ships with McAfee Office 2000 Pro combining fast, customizable, user-friendly Net navigation with advanced PC performance and security

PHOENIX, Ariz., SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 31, 1999 - NeoPlanet, Inc. the pioneer in customized Internet Desktops and McAfee Software, a division of Network Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA), today announced McAfee Web View, a custom version of the NeoPlanet Internet Desktop, which will ship with McAfee Office 2000 Pro in retail stores throughout the U.S. The announcement marks the first retail distribution of the NeoPlanet Internet Desktop, a next-generation consumer Internet application that brings together content, communication and community in one powerful, personalized and user-friendly environment for the PC desktop.

"Consumers will find McAfee Web View a great compliment to the award-winning performance and security utilities from McAfee," says Drew Cohen, President and CEO, NeoPlanet, Inc. "The debut of the Internet Desktop in retail stores is an important step toward realizing our goal to offer NeoPlanet custom software as a key value-add to third-party brands, products and services."

The NeoPlanet Internet Desktop and McAfee Web View are also available free for downloading from the Internet at and at respectively.

"NeoPlanet's Internet Desktop gives McAfee customers the next-generation in Internet navigation," stated Dale Cline, general manager of McAfee Software. "Our alliance with NeoPlanet bolsters our award-winning security and performance software with a new level of service for consumers who use the Internet."

With McAfee Web View powered by NeoPlanet, McAfee Office 2000 Pro offers an interface that allows users to navigate the Web in a way that is completely aligned with their unique needs, interests and personality. As a result, the user's Web experience is more targeted, efficient and fun.

McAfee Web View features include:
  • Channels: A built-in directory of "Channels" puts the best of the Web at the user's fingertips, featuring direct links to over 1,000 popular Web sites.
  • Skins: Allowing users to personalize their visual and audio experience as they surf the Web.
  • Enhanced Email: Featuring filters, preview panes and auto-import of ISP email settings.
  • Integrated Search: With a search feature built into tool bar itself, users can search the Web no matter which Web site they're currently viewing.
  • Translation: Users can translate Web pages to and from English in five different languages.

McAfee Office 2000 Pro, is an advanced integrated suite designed to provide all the tools users need to secure, protect, repair and optimize their PC. McAfee Office 2000 Pro extends the user interface introduced in McAfee Office 2000 and provides an unprecedented level of navigability, making it easy to access all the tools in the suite. McAfee Office 2000 Pro combines the advanced technology of PGP and Guard Dog with the components found in McAfee Office 2000, including VirusScan, McAfee Utilities, First Aid, UnInstaller, Oil Change, Y2K Survival Kit and McAfee Virtual Office. McAfee Office 2000 Pro is available in U.S. retail stores for an estimated street price of $69.

The technology in McAfee Office has won many industry awards including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice; PC Computing's Four Stars Award, Usability Hall of Fame, and A-List; Windows Sources Expert Choice Award; PC World's World Class Award and "Best of the Bunch"; as well as Windows Magazine's WinList. McAfee Software holds six patents for its desktop technology contained in McAfee Office, and currently has numerous patents pending.

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NeoPlanet combines content, communications, and features, bringing the best of the Internet to the consumer's desktop. The company allows users to reflect their own "Internet Fashion" by customizing NeoPlanet's Internet Desktop through personalized "skins." NeoPlanet features a built in directory of user customizable Content Channels featuring Lycos' leading Internet content allowing users to personalize their surfing experience. Distribution channels include ISPs, OEMs, Web sites and direct marketers. NeoPlanet is free and easy to download at NeoPlanet Inc. patent pending.

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