NeoPlanet, Valent Software integrates browsing, email, instant-messaging and virtual communities in next-generation "Internet Desktop" free for downloading at

Lycos, Packard Bell NEC, New Line Cinema, Network Associates to support NeoPlanet 5.0

PHOENIX, Ariz., WOBURN, Mass. August 23, 1999 - NeoPlanet, Inc. today announced the launch of NeoPlanet 5.0, a next-generation "Internet desktop" that for the first time merges Web browsing, email, instant messaging, chat and virtual communities into a single user-friendly application based on the desktop, available free for downloading at The company also announced its alliance with Lycos-backed (NASDAQ: LCOS) Valent Software Corporation, fully integrating the company's community platform and real-time messaging services into NeoPlanet 5.0.

NeoPlanet 5.0 features a user-friendly browser interface with instant messaging, chat and full-featured community services by Valent Software, intuitive content "channels", customizable interface schemes, or "skins", and enhanced email and search features.

With an installed base of over 2 million consumers, NeoPlanet has also announced alliances with Lycos, Packard Bell NEC ( PBNEC), New Line Cinema, Network Associates (NASDAQ: NETA), Loral Space & Communications (NYSE: LOR) and other leading companies that will offer custom versions of NeoPlanet.

"With NeoPlanet 5.0, consumers have everything they want from the Internet in one friendly, personalized environment that's fun to use," says Jeff Crown, Vice President of Business Development Lycos, Inc. "As NeoPlanet's premier content partner, Lycos is proud to support NeoPlanet's leading edge desktop portal strategy and its integration of Lycos Clubs and real-time messaging both provided by Valent Software."

"By integrating popular features that were previously only available to consumers as separate applications, NeoPlanet 5.0 represents a milestone on the Internet," says Drew Cohen, CEO, NeoPlanet, Inc. "For the first time, users can get instant messaging, email, Web communities and Web browsing in a single easy-to-use application. Users now have the unprecedented ability to experience the best features of the Web in an environment that reflects their personality by choosing from any number of NeoPlanet's hundreds of skins."

NeoPlanet 5.0, with Valent Software's Web-based "Clubs" feature, provides a unique brand of community centric real-time messaging. Users can form messaging clubs with Web pages offering dedicated message boards, photo albums, online polls, chat rooms and more, that are hosted by Lycos and Valent Software's NetClubs community platform, fusing the power of instant messaging within the context of community.

"By uniting our uniquely integrated presence, messaging and virtual community service with the popular NeoPlanet browser we've broken new ground for consumers," says Scott Benson, CEO Valent Software Corp. "Users can now have the wealth of the Internet's content, communication and community in a single package offering freedom of customization and total ease-of-use."

Key Features Intuitive "channel" navigation with direct links to over 1,000 Web sites Instant messaging chat and virtual communities by Valent Software Corp. "Friends" and "Clubs" -- integrating user created public and private Web communities with real-time communication Enhanced email with preview pane and filters Multi-user profiles Skins that allow users to make an "Internet Fashion" statement Macromedia Flash 4.0 Enhanced search, including MP3 search Beta support for Netscape's "Gecko" browser 'engine'

About NeoPlanet NeoPlanet combines content, communications, and features, bringing the best of the Internet to the consumer's desktop. The company allows users to reflect their own "Internet Fashion" by customizing NeoPlanet's Internet Desktop through personalized "skins." NeoPlanet features a built in directory of user customizable Content Channels featuring Lycos' leading Internet content allowing users to personalize their surfing experience. Distribution channels include ISPs, OEMs, Web sites and direct marketers. NeoPlanet is free and easy to download at NeoPlanet, Inc. NeoPlanet, Inc. Patent pending.

About Valent Software Corporation Valent Software Corporation is the leading platform innovator for integrated virtual community and instant messaging services, under the name of NetClubs(tm). Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, Valent Software offers custom online community and communication services through strategic partners. In early '99, Valent Software formed a strategic alliance with Lycos, Inc., exclusively providing Lycos Clubs for ( Valent Software can be contacted at Partnership inquiries can be made to NetClubs is a trademark of Valent Software Corporation.

Lycos (R) is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University.

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