Loral Data Services and NeoPlanet Personalize the Internet Experience

ROCKVILLE, Md. - April 28, 1999 ... Loral Space & Communications (NYSE:LOR) today announced that its Loral Data Services Group has entered into a partnership with NeoPlanet, Inc., a leading provider of integrated, Internet software services, to develop customizable navigation tools for accessing broadband services. As a first step, Loral Data Services will use NeoPlanet's technology to introduce a free, customizable desktop enterprise portal in mid-May.

From a single interface, users of this new portal will be able to access a pre-programmed menu of business- and consumer-related Internet sites and services grouped by category and regularly updated to provide the most current, useful content available. Content categories include news, finance, education, sports, entertainment and more. With automated updates, the portal will provide a gateway to future broadband services delivered by Loral.

The portal will be available for download free of charge at www.cyberstar.com starting May 15.

"Loral today is developing a global delivery platform that will enable businesses around the world to more effectively distribute and access broadband multimedia content and applications," said Neil Bauer, group vice president for Loral Data Services. "We are delighted to incorporate NeoPlanet's highly functional desktop interface to give users access to our expanding suite of broadband Internet services."

"NeoPlanet shares in Loral's vision of broadband as a key part of the Internet's future," said Drew Cohen, president and CEO of NeoPlanet, Inc. "We are very pleased that Loral has chosen NeoPlanet's custom client interface as the on-ramp to the Internet for its users and look forward to being part of this important area of expansion."

NeoPlanet provides a personalized Internet environment that fuses the best of portal and browser functionality into one easy to use, customized interface on the desktop. Its superior design and next-generation feature set makes using the Internet more user-friendly than conventional browsers and portals.

Loral Data Services was created by Loral Space & Communications to provide broadband data, Internet and multimedia services for businesses and Internet Service Providers worldwide. The group encompasses both Loral Orion and CyberStar to combine their service and marketing strengths in the growing broadband, IP-services market.

The group delivers IP-based data broadcasting and multicasting services, Internet access and value-added services as well as content delivery services. The applications include high speed Internet access, virtual multicast networks, data networking, high speed file transfer, business television distance learning, and audio and video streaming services. These broadband services will enable customers to send digital IP-content over Loral's satellite and terrestrial infrastructure for delivery at multiple megabits per second to locations around the world.


Loral Space & Communications is a high technology company that concentrates primarily on satellite manufacturing and satellite-based services, including transponder leasing and value-added services, domestic and international corporate data networks, global wireless telephony, broadband data transmission content services, formatting, Internet services, and international direct-to-home satellite services. For more information, visit Loral's website at www.loral.com.

NeoPlanet, Inc. (www.neoplanet.com) provides integrated Internet software services and content to enhance the ease-of-use of the Internet for consumers. Distributors re-brand NeoPlanet's client software, including a Web browser and e-mail client for localized and affinity marketplaces. NeoPlanet's editorial team uses the unique client interface to present the best of the Internet to NeoPlanet users. Distribution channels include ISPs, OEMs, Web sites and direct marketers. NeoPlanet and the NeoPlanet logo are the registered trademarks of NeoPlanet, Inc.

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