NeoPlanet to contribute Active-X control / component to mozilla engine, and dedicates fulltime staff of engineers to mozilla development

Los Angeles, Ca., April 15, 1999 - and NeoPlanet, Inc., developer of the industry-leading NeoPlanet "browser/portal" available free for downloading at, today announced that NeoPlanet would increase support and contributions to, the organization that manages open source developers working on the next generation of Communicator browser and communication software.

NeoPlanet has already been actively working through, but today stated it will both dedicate a fulltime staff of engineers for future development as well as develop and contribute a key piece of Active-X control technology to the browser engine, which enables the Gecko browsing engine to be embedded in NeoPlanet's browser which supports Internet Explorer.

"NeoPlanet believes in the mozilla open source initiative and intends to take a leadership position by dedicating development resources and contributing production quality code on a regular basis," said Drew Cohen, president and CEO of NeoPlanet, Inc. "Our next-generation NeoPlanet 5.0 already features support for the Gecko browsing engine and we will continue to leverage contributions from the open source model to enhance the ease-of-use of the Internet for consumers."

The NeoPlanet new version is smaller than 1.3MB and has enhanced email and toolbar access to change “Skins,” which define the look and feel of the browser user interface. NeoPlanet 2.0 also features a scrolling “InfoBox” news window with continuous headline feeds, new keyboard shortcuts, an improved dial-up interface and also features support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, including the latest 5.0 release.

NeoPlanet 5.0 is the first consumer browser to implement Netscape Gecko, the next-generation browser engine first announced last December. Gecko is the first major development to come out of the open source software development project; the Netscape Gecko engine boasts a small size that will help reduce consumers' download time and achieve page rendering up to ten times faster than previous browser engines. Furthermore, Gecko is in full compliance with key W3C open standards, including CSS, DOM, HTML 4.0, RDF, XML.

"Since opening the code one year ago and posting it on, we have put in place a development infrastructure which is attracting external developers who are committing to use and enhance this leading technology," said Mitchell Baker, chief lizard wrangler at “By dedicating full-time engineering resources to Mozilla and supporting Gecko, NeoPlanet is contributing to future innovation that the Web development community will be able to benefit from."

"'s open source model enables developers to use an advanced browser engine which is small, fast and standards-compliant, and at the same time offers them the freedom to enhance it and customize it, as NeoPlanet has done," said Brendan Eich, principal engineer of "This momentum demonstrates the popularity of open source software, which offers developers the ultimate degree of empowerment."

In the past year, has witnessed major milestones such as over 100,000 downloads of source code from two weeks after the code was posted in April 1998, the addition of the source code for the next-generation layout engine (Gecko) to the site as well as the release of the second developer preview, the contribution of James Clark's XML parser, the availability of the Hungry Programmers' Japhar virtual machine, which takes advantage of the Open Java Interface, the posting of the product roadmap that includes next browser release based on Gecko and a cross platform user interface and the release of M3.

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