New Navigational Web Interface is Free to Internet Users

LOS ANGELES, INTERNET WORLD, April 14 -- NeoPlanet and, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Network Associates Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA), today announced that NeoPlanet has licensed technology to ( that will provide its Microsoft Internet Explorer users with a new, customizable Web navigation tool free of charge.

This highly customizable Web interface gives users control over their Internet environment by providing faster, more customizable and more user friendly navigation of the Internet. McAfee Web View provides one click access to frequently visited Web sites, intelligent searching and browsing features and optimized modem performance.

The built-in personalization tools let users select audio and visual schemes to tailor their sensory experience while surfing the Web. Powered by NeoPlanet's leading-edge technology, McAfee Web View is the most dynamic tool in the marketplace for personalizing a user's Web experience. This announcement was made here at Internet World today as part of the worldwide launch of

With McAfee Web View, provides a Web interface that allows users to navigate the Web in a way that is completely aligned with their unique needs, interests and personality. As a result, the user's Web experience is more targeted, efficient and fun. Some of McAfee Web View's personalization features include:

  • Powerful navigation with default channels providing the best of the Web in just three clicks or less
  • Customization tools for personalizing each users visual and audio experience as they surf the Web
  • Intelligent navigating with Alexa Internet's "What's Related" and Centraal's RealNames keyword navigation
  • A Modem Speed Booster that optimizes the speed of users' Internet connection by interpreting information downloads more efficiently
  • Free, easy-to-use email with Address Book, folders, and integrated browser functionality

"We are putting fun into browsing and making Web navigation faster and more intuitive," said Drew Cohen, president and CEO of NeoPlanet. "In partnering with NeoPlanet to power McAfee Web View, demonstrates its continued commitment to its users and reinforces its position at the helm of Internet applications and services."

"Offering McAfee Web View free to our users further proves our commitment to enriching the Web experience for the community," said Srivats Sampath, general manager of "With McAfee Web View's added personalization options, the entire Internet experience is easier and more enjoyable. Each user now has the ability to select a Web interface that matches their personality, whether it's a country western, 50's roadster or futuristic theme." is the only Internet destination to update, upgrade and manage PCs over the Web. is rapidly becoming one of the largest PC management and e-commerce destinations on the Internet with a focused community of businesses and consumers who subscribe to the various services offered at the site. McAfee Oil Change delivers intelligent recommendations to update and upgrade PCs and the McAfee Clinic offers a suite of Internet- based utilities to manage PCs for both novice and expert users. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Network Associates. Please visit the Company at

With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Network Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise network security and management software. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at (408) 988-3832 or on the Internet at

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